Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Android Life

Hey everyone. Been kinda weird not having an iPhone and having an iPod touch that's still running 3.1.3. So I've been at a stalemate with themeing lately.

Just got the Samsung Captivate a couple weeks ago. By having the iPhone/iPod touch/ and iPad, I figured it was time to get something different with the phone.

So far, jailbreaking the Captivate (in the android world they call it "rooting") was the easy part. But the actual tweaking to me seems much more involved than anything I've ever done with the iPhone. Granted I am just getting starting.

After rooting my device and learning how to sideload, I'm diving into customizing a bit. It also seems that the chances of "bricking" the device or rendering it unusable is also more likely with Android as well. So I haven't done anything with custom roms yet. So here's a couple of screenies of what I've tried so far.

It's all still pretty new and I'm still learning. But that's half the fun :)

Let me know what you think

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